As we all know if we take care of something it will last longer, the same would apply to some of your branding material especially the branding that will flutter in the wind. Below is just a reminder of the things we can do to make sure that we get the maximum life from your out door branding

Care Instructions

To prolong the life of the flag/banner please follow the care instructions :

  1. The flag/banner should be taken down in strong winds and adverse conditions.
  2. Atmospheric pollutants have a detrimental effect on fabric. Ensure the flag/banner is washed every month by machine or hand using mild detergents.
  3. The flag/banner should be examined for wear and tear on a regular basis and repairs should be carried out immediately.
  4. Ensure the flag/banner is free of moisture before packing into storage.
  5. Refrain from storing in unvented humid storage facilities.
  6. Do not package or store for extended periods.

Remember if your Banner or Telescopic fabric does need replacing, you can just order a new print. You do not need to order new hardware every time