Zia van Vuuren

About Zia van Vuuren

Zia is our branding swiss army knife. She has a great ability to understand the needs of multiple industries delivering the best branding experience across varied platforms. She has been with BTI for many years and her experience is invaluable and a real asset in serving our customers.

What NOT to include on your display branding

Sue's guaranteed ghost free homes were actually a real thing and apparently she did sell a few homes as a result. Her crazy approach to real estate does make a great point. She made sure she stood out from the crowd. She did not trot out the same platitudes as every other real estate company. [...]

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Brand Image, more important than you may think.

Think of your company as a human being. The name of the company is the name of the person and the brand, made up of your logo and tag line, is the face. Unlike real life, you get to choose a face for your company so make sure it is one that will serve you [...]

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