BTI Branding Solutions:

Preferred Supplier of Chas Everitt Branding

These are the latest CI approved branding options for Chas Everitt International Property Group

BTI Branding has worked together with Chas Everitt to provide you with the very best flags, banners and gazebos. A well branded dealership grabs the attention and draws in prospective buyers. The Chas Everitt brand is a powerful brand associated with quality, professionalism and class. Be sure to leverage the power of the Chas Everitt brand with branding collateral that sets the same tone.

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  • Extremely visible when mounted on top of or in front of any building or display.
  • Flags are easily washable making it easy to keep them looking clean and sharp.
  • Choice of flag clips or rope and toggle mount.
  • Flags available in 1m x 3m and 1.8m x 1.2m
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BTI Lux Pull Up Banner

  • 1 year unconditional repair guarantee on the base.
  • Crease free and non curl PVC are standard, with textile printing available as well.
  • The brushed aluminium base conveys a sense of elegance.
  • The wide and stable base makes it resilient to being knocked over.
  • The pull up can be re branded meaning only a re print needs to be ordered for a new campaign. The base needs to be returned in order for the graphic to be fitted.

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  • 1 year unconditional repair guarantee on the frame.
  • Pop up aluminium or steel frame makes for easy and hassle free set up and break down.

  • The seamless roof panels creates an uninterrupted visual impact for eye catching brand exposure.
  • The roof media is water repellent keeping everyone dry no matter the weather.
  • Due to the robust frame, it is possible to just order a new roof print for new campaigns saving money and stretching the marketing budget.

Drop-On® A-Frame Banner System

  • 1 year unconditional repair guarantee on the frame.

  • The Frame is hidden on all 4 sides allowing for 360 degree brand exposure.
  • Effortless to set up and dismantle. The lightweight bungee-connect system makes for easy set up without tools or special skills.
  • The hardware can be re branded with a new print saving money when it needs to re purposed for a new campaign.
  • This sturdy product is ideally suited for golf days, and events where no barricades are available.
  • A-Frame 2m x 1m

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  • Suited for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Choose between non-curl PVC and Polyester.
  • There is a selection of sizes and lengths to choose from – 5m, 10m, 20m, 50m.  Custom options on request.
  • The bunting can be double or single-sided.

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  • 1 year unconditional guarantee on the hardware.
  • Optional base mountings to suit earth, concrete, carpet, in fact almost any surface.
  • The acrylic coated canvas top will not fade in the harsh sunlight.
  • The perfect branded coverage for outdoor events, outdoor areas of hotels and restaurants.
  • Light weight makes for easy portability.