All you want to do is order some branding for your company. Sounds simple enough. But there is actually quite a bit to consider. Prices vary radically and it is tempting to go for the cheapest, after all, a banner is a banner is a banner right? Wrong!

Imagine the scenario of ordering all your branding for your big event. You have saved the company money by going with the cheapest option. Come event day, the big boss flys in and the cameras are rolling, but the banners won’t stay up, the Corporate ID (CI) is all wrong and all eyes turn to you. Here is how to avoid that rather unpleasant, but far too common, scenario.

These are the questions to ask :-

  • All banners have hard ware. That is the rigid frame that supports the banner. Is the frame strong enough for your intended application? High Tensile Aluminium is stronger than commercial grade aluminium or fibre glass products. If it will be used in the wind it needs to be very rigid. Is the hardware durable and backed with a guarantee?  What is the suppliers repair policy? Ask these questions ahead of time.
  • Banners work in a double sided world. That means you see both sides of the banner. So you will need the print to be seen clearly on both sides. This called a strike through rate. The strike through rate is dependent on the choice of media and how well the ink will penetrate that media. The penetration must be close to 100% otherwise you could end up with a banner that has a vivid print on one side and a faded image on the other.
  • Will I be able to reprint the banners for future campaigns, re use the frame and what are the costs involved? This forward thinking will save you money in the long run and ensure your marketing budget stretches further. A  short term saving could end up being more expensive in the long term.
  • With outdoor branding size is important. Larger banners get more attention. When you are quoted a size be sure to find out if that is the size of the frame or the size of the banner. The banner size is the more important measure.
  • What has your experience been with suppliers whom you have contacted? Did they respond to your quote request quickly? Did they take the time to figure out exactly what your needs are? Did they advise you or make suggestions on different branding options that may be more suitable to your purposes? Did they provide a quote that was easy to understand? Delays here and sloppy work could be an indication of the level of service and banner quality you may end of receiving.

If you arm yourself with these questions when choosing a branding partner chances are good you will get branding that will be a great reflection of your company’s brand. Your company will have spent years developing a brand image. Don’t place all that effort in jeopardy with substandard physical branding.

Get in touch if you would like to find out more about how we can work with you to make your brand look great. Our sales team is experienced enough to guide you through the process and make sure your needs are met.