ROI acronym on blue paper , Return On Investment

Times are tough, not just in South Africa but globally. Only the smart will survive. Rockefeller famously said

“The way to make money is when blood is running in the streets”.

While a literal application of the quote is horrifying, figuratively it means turn tough times to our advantage. Now is the time to invest in growing our market share.

While it is easy to say “keep marketing”, if the cash flow is not there, how do we stay present in the market? We do it by being smart and leveraging the lowest cost, best exposure tools at your disposal. Lets focus on our brand exposure as an example.

The more our brand is visible the more “mental real estate” it will occupy in your prospect’s minds. We have the option to expose our brand via physical branding elements. Simply put, are we “dressing” our premises, cars and staff with a powerful brand message. These are already paid for branding opportunities so best we make sure we are using them to their full potential.

Use the 5 W’s to make sure your brand space is optimised.

  • What will be displayed – choose a high quality brand printing supplier. Your brand is the face of your company. Don’t cheapen it by choosing cheap banners and flags they will not portray the quality of your brand. Make sure what is displayed on the banner is simple, powerful and easily read at a glance and from a distance.
  • Why will it be displayed – this may seem obvious but it needs thought. Every marketing effort needs to have a purpose and a goal. Why are you showing a particular banner and what is the goal you want the branding to achieve. You maybe advertising and new store opening, or a current promotion for example.
  • When will it be displayed – Timing of your marketing message is critical. Consider focused time such when during the day. Make sure your banners are out during rush our for example, or during peak lunch hour foot traffic. Also consider seasons, public holidays, and special events.
  • Where will it be displayed – Where it will be displayed is perhaps the most vital aspect to consider. Use flags with simple bold branding if they are to be displayed on your roof top for example. Use beautifully detailed images for indoor wall hanging branding where your prospects have time to view them carefully. Use banners that are visible from both directions when placing them street side.
  • Will it be displayed – So often a company spends money on branding and the branding gathers dust in a store room. Make sure your branding is put out every day, in the correct location that is inline with your strategy. Also make sure to replace any tattered or faded branding quickly. Your brand is your company face, always show your best face.

Now is the time to really invest in taking market share. Billions of rands are still changing hands every day. Make sure you are taking advantage of the opportunities these tougher times are presenting.