Media Back Wall: Extenda Backdrop

VIP Interviews post match are part of every major event. Ensure your sponsors get TV and photographic coverage with a vivid and CI Accurate Extenda Back Drop

Media Back Wall / Extenda Backdrop

Perfect for indoor and outdoor promotions, the Media Back Wall is easy to use and will give your brand the standout it deserves with superior quality and show stopping high visual impact.

  • Seamless fabric ensures an elegant presence at any awards ceremony, interview event, photo wall, pop up store or exhibition.
  • 1 year guarantee on the frame.
  • The aluminium collapsible frame is hard wearing and can be set up and broken down in seconds.
  • The frame can be rebranded with a new print, saving money and giving campaign flexibility.
  • Multiple size options – 4.5m x 2.25 m, 3.75m x 2.25m, 3m x 2.25, 2.25m x 2.25m
  • Choose between straight and curved backdrops.
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Media Backwall

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