Sue’s guaranteed ghost free homes were actually a real thing and apparently she did sell a few homes as a result. Her crazy approach to real estate does make a great point. She made sure she stood out from the crowd. She did not trot out the same platitudes as every other real estate company. She stood out and made herself memorable. Be like Sue.

Here is a little test you can do to see if your brand messages are unique or just like everyone elses. Send your banner message along with the other banner ad messages from your competitors to someone who is not in your industry, maybe a friend. Be sure to remove all the logos or any other identifying features. If they cannot tell your ad message from any one else’s then you have failed the test. There is nothing to differentiate you from every one else. Find a unique angle and include it on your banner advertising boards.

real esate ad


  1. Have the same old platitudes as everyone else. If you can answer you client promise with the statement “Well I should hope so” then you have not differentiated your self from the crowd. For example “Trust us to find your dream home” – Well I should hope so….
  2. Use a so much text that you banner is not easily readable at a glance. Have a brief bold statement that catches the readers attention. For example “Sell your house in 30 days”.
  3. Use font that is too small. If someone is driving past they should be able to read your banner at 60km/hr.
  4. Make your photo the largest element on the banner. The banner is about the customer, not about you. In fact re- consider using a photograph at all.
  5. Not include a power full call to action. You want the reader to respond to your ad. Give them a reason to respond as well as way to respond. For example “Email me at for a free house evaluation”.